Registration Information

Participation Requirements

  • Anyone from around the world can participate.
  • If participating as a team, a team may be composed of up to three individuals (companies) including a representative.
  • A team may consist of individuals or companies, and the application representative must be the same individual or company as the project submission representative.
[Team composition example]
Representative Team 1 Team 2
Individual - -
Company Individual Company
Individual Company Company

Acceptance of Inquiries and Responses

  • All inquiries related to the competition must be submitted through the ‘Q&A’ section on the competition’s website.
  • All inquiries must be written in Korean or English.
  • All responses to the inquiries submitted within the allotted time frame will be posted on the website.
  • Responses to inquiries shall be regarded as additions or modifications to the competition regulations.

Materials Provided

  • The following materials necessary for the competition are available on the website.
    • Material 1: Competition Guidelines
    • Material 2: Forms and Documents for Submission
      • Form 1. Application
      • Form 2. Proposal Cover page
    • Material 3: Map of the project site (digital topographic map (1:5,000) as a CAD file)
    • Material 4: Project site status (photographs of the site, aerial photographs, drone images, status of buildings such as cranes and docks)
    • Material 5: Basic information for the project site (summary plans for Tongyeong and the project site, social environment and regeneration background relating to Tongyeong and (former) Shina sb dockyard, general statistics, etc.)
  • If necessary, additional materials other than those listed above may be provided, in which case they will be posted on the website.

Work Submission

  • All work must be submitted online through the website
  • Submission period: 10:00 June 1, 2018 – 17:00 October 14, 2018
  • Types of submission documents
    • Application form 1 copy
    • Proposal manual (1 copy, A4 (210 mm x 297 mm), between 10 and 20 pages)
  • The submitted “Application” is deemed to constitute an official commitment by the applicant to acknowledge all regulations of the competition.
  • The applicant must use the designated “Application” form on the website.
  • Note
    • The Client shall be responsible for the preservation of the work between the time of its submission and the time of announcement of the winning entry.