The Site

Wide area map of the project site(Tongyeong Urban Regeneration New Deal Project and (former) Shina sb dockyard)

Regional location of the project site

Location of Tongyeong Urban regeneration New Deal Project and (Former) Shina sb dockyard

Premises of (Former) Shina sb dockyard and Main Facilities

Main Details of the Project

  • Location: 195 Donam-ro, Tongyeong-si, Gyeongsangnam-do (Shina sb dockyard)
  • Area:
    • (total area) Urban Regeneration New Deal Zone – 510,000㎡
    • (focused design area) (former) Shina dockyard site – 185,000㎡(including public waterfront)
  • Project Date: 2018 ∼ 2023

A Vision of Urban Renewal of the Site

Planning a coexistence model through the reinvigoration of an existing city by establishing a future-oriented waterfront town consisting of a hub for culture, tourism, maritime industry, etc., through the urban regeneration of a closed dockyard site.
  • Urban Regeneration of Dockyard Facilities
    • Plan to imbue a new sense of vitality of ‘culture’ and ‘energy’ to the site through the synthesis of the ‘new’ and ‘old’ and the introduction of new functions
  • Plans for Core Facilities
    • Plan to establish a global tourism base and introduce cultural and tourist landmarks in order to ‘upgrade’ Tongyeong, a Korean port city known for its beauty
  • Regeneration of the Existing City
    • Plan to achieve the ‘modernization and regeneration of the existing city’ with a close link to the new growth engines of the regional economy resulting from the formation of a new ‘waterfront town’ and the ‘regeneration of dockyard facilities’
  • Competition Details
    • Participants may select multiple items from the following topics, but only one proposal per topic will be accepted.
      (1 team/individual may submit entries for multiple topics, but only one proposal per topic for each team/individual is accepted.)

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